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Everything We Stand For Everything We Stand For

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice song!
I like how it develops troughout the 02:49 minutes.
Very epic and cinematic, could fit perfectly in a movie soundtrack or in a video game.
Love the strings ensemble at 01:46, very well mixed together.

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Sab Sab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I actually like your song.
It has some weird synths wich turns the song very interesting.
Obviously it looks like you were bored...because the song is very simple in structure and melody.
But i like how it sounds, it's easy listening.
I think its always good to re-work our tracks specially the ones we do when we are bored.
Since the main synth line of this song is so catchy it would be nice if you used it in a serious work.
I don't really liked the bass synth, but that's just a matter of taste...Though I like the melody of it.
The arpeggios, apart from sounding so awesomely weird, are cool ! They give character to the song.
I think that sickness and boredom made you create something very interesting this time. Ahah! :)
Nice work.

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Newsect responds:

I agree actually, I actually released this song because I really liked the main synth. that was actually kinda encouraging. thanks for commenting! :D

The Rise The Rise

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I think the song starts well.
The intro sounds nice with the piano line and the synth growing at the same time.
Yet I think that the piano line would sound better if it was more fluid and organic, it sounds too electronic in my opinion.
The biggest disappointment in your song for me is the drum line.
you have your kick audible , thats ok, yet your snare is very low.
But i think that opinions always differ when the subject is "drum EQ"...
I like the synth that you used at 02:07, nice sounding one!
I think your composition is good, strong and simple.
The music grows in an interesting way.
I love your transitions, the break downs and buildups that you made are strong and very inteligent.
You sure have good skills. :)
You did a good work.

Xsalvaz responds:

Thanks very much for your review!
I agree that the "drum EQs" are always based on personal opinion. If it can be heard, it's EQ debatable. I was going for the strong and simple dance style. One that will get in your head and make you tap your foot. I took extra time on transitions because mine usually suck. Haha!
If you tapped your foot or bobbed your head, my job here is done.

Revealing the Machine Revealing the Machine

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's a shame that its so short... :)
I found your song very uplifting.
You should re-work it and make a bigger song with it.

MarkoArnold responds:

I tried that once. It turned out to be shittier than anything else. I have kinda focused on making loops too much. I need to learn how to do proper transitions and such before i can start making full songs. But thanks for you comment and your starts ;D its much appreciated!

Aftermath [Orchestral] Aftermath [Orchestral]

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is good material.
I like the ambience of this song, it´s epicness.
i see this song in a western first person shooter or something similar.
The guitar line makes me imagine a duel scene.
All the sounds have a a good EQ.
The composition is very well developed, i would definitly use this in a game
/ movie.
Nice work.

Hellwreckage responds:

Glad to hear you consider it good material!

Just some more 8-bit Just some more 8-bit

Rated 4 / 5 stars

One of the main difficulties in this kind of songs is to control the synth pitch.
When working with the kind of synths that you used of course...
What i find a little bit anoying in this song is that you did a good composition and created beautifull synths BUT the drums and intro synth sound terrible.
The eq used and pitch turns them just inaudible, like at 00:08, it hurts.
A song shouldnt be just about high volume you know?
I could just ask you "where are the mids and the lows in this song?"
Well, i heard your other songs, and it's easy to understand that you have some compression / EQ issues that you have to workout if you are willing to get your songs better.
I assume you are fresh into the business. :)
That´s not bad, you just have to learn a few things first.
You have good elements in this song, i think you have to learn some basic things about how to turn them better.
I'm not so good as a producer as i sound, but pm me whenever you need help with anything.
I'm always open to help anyone that is open to be helped.

Pixel-DJ responds:

Woa! One of the rare people that takes time too help someone :D THANKS!

Piece By Piece Piece By Piece

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Its a beautifull song. simple and beautifull.
I think it's full of sentitiveness. love, really love the harp sounds!
All elements are smoth and melodic.
It's good for the hearing music.
Makes us feel, makes us think and remember.
Nice work!

Rhoder responds:

Thanks man, I glad you enjoyed it.

Taking Flight Taking Flight

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This song represents clearly your description, of that i'm sure.
I agree with our mate Rhoder about the bassline, it would be good if you re-work the bassline and try to make it spacier.
It would be better for this song if you try to fill the small empty spaces with atmosphere.
The piano lines are strong, very well composed, i like it a lot.
I think you should try to understand what sounds are more inportant in this song.
When you reach 01:02 there are some sounds / instruments that are not so audible as others.
with some eq you can decide what sounds are the most important ones to be heard.
I tell you this because at 01:02 there's a lot going on, you have a lot of good sound layers that could be heard. (my opinion...)
I like the dreamy pads that you used, and one of the best features that i can find in your song is when the music is almost at the end, the way you have managed to end the song is very inteligent.
You release all the tension from before with a simple, yet beautifull piano line taking us to a gentle, warm, smoth end of a trip. That's poetry man. :)
You did an awesome work!

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SuperGoodSound responds:

Yeah, this song i know i didn't really nail the mixing part of it as well as I have done with other songs. Thank you for the compliments though :)

Funny Rodents Funny Rodents

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I had to review your song. :)
It's so amazingly well done.
All elements are awesomely well equalized!
The japanese anime line works fine troughout the song, even the chopped ones are very good placed and cutted.
The vocoder is one of the main things that i love about this song, it gives some coolness to the song.
I usually don't like this effect, i know a lot of songs with this feature but i just like one or two of them.
I wasn't expecting your song to end like it ends, i think that this kind of endings just work fine in a few songs, i'm not sure if i like it or not in your song...i think its just interesting because as a listener i couldn't predict how the song was going to end.
Was it intentional? i dont know, sometimes i get render errors that make my songs end like your song ends.
Well, lets talk about the bass line: I starts very good and simple and then it just glues into our ears. :)
Man, is so simple but yet so catchy...It's very well composed.
I like how it is somehow filthy and has a strong presence at the same time.
I think that this song is an example of how someone can create something so simple but yet so good to listen.
Nice work.

Genesis Genesis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This song is different from what i know from your work, thats true.
I love this kind of ethnic songs, and i think that this song pretty much represents in a really good way this genre.
This is something i wouldnt try to do because i lack some knowledge on how to work with the kind of sounds and instruments that you used.
At 01:40 the piano & pan flute lines work good as a transition, i like how they flow so well to the point where you would release the song's tension, but that doesnt happen...i think that this "transition" sounds tricky, because as a listener i was expecting some tension release after the piano / flute line back to some epic final verse/ chorus.
At 02:51 it gets good with the introduction of the snare roll, i love this kind of military snare rolls and i think it sounds good in this song.
I think that your song is nice in general.
You can always re-work this track too.
As you say: "make it something better later"
I really like your work, you have some good and interesting tracks.
This one is just another one for my fav list.

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